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Warranty Claims and Guarantee

Conditional Warranty

At Countryside Garden Centre, we guarantee that all of our trees & shrubs are:  

  •    In good condition when sold
  •    Able to grow providing they receive proper planting and maintenance
  •    Hardy plant material for our region (unless deemed otherwise)

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Our warranty is provided to regularly priced trees and shrubs only. Warranty is not applied to plant material that has received a discounted/sale or reduced price. In the event  a tree or shrub fails to survive within one year of purchase, Countryside will provide a one time replacement voucher for the same item. The voucher can then be brought into the garden centre and be redeemed for the plant material listed on the voucher. If there is not a suitable replacement available, a credit towards another tree or shrub for the value paid will be issued. No refunds will be issued for warranty claims. There will be no additional warranty on the new replacement trees as the warranty is a  one time replacement coverage. Warranty replacements have no cash value. All vouchers must be redeemed prior to date listed on voucher. If tree/shrub is purchased on sale and installed by Countryside, there will be no warranty.

Exchange / Return / Cancellation Policy

Exchange on hard goods within 14 days of purchase, with a receipt.

Exchanges, returns and cancellations will be subject to a 25%  restocking fee.

Any plant material being returned for a refund will need to be inspected by an employee to ensure it was properly cared for prior to a refund being issued.


Please Note

Installation is not covered under our warranty. Our installation is an optional service that we provide for a fee. If you are in need of tree installation for your tree covered under a warranty claim you will have to pay for this service. Thank you for understanding.

To redeem your warranty

Call in to get advice, your plant may still be alive!
If an associate advises you to use your warranty:

  •    Complete and submit our online warranty claim form. You will be required to upload your original receipt and photos of the plant material.
  •    We may require a site visit (after June 15th)
  •    Do not dig up and bring in plant material this will void your warranty.
  •    After we have reviewed your information and approved the warranty you will be issued a voucher that can be redeemed at the garden centre.

No Warranty is provided for the following:

  •    Items that have been damaged by animals & unforeseen acts of nature (fire/drought/hail/winter kill)
  •    Items that have been improperly planted, cared for or neglected – this includes planting where water will stand or collect at the base of a plant, improper use of groundcovers or damage by equipment including weed-eaters & lawnmowers.

No Warranty On: Perennials, annuals, herbs, vines, topiaries, planters, any plants zoned 4+, or any sale items.

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