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2gal Golden Willow

2gal Golden Willow – Salix alba ‘Vitellina’

6-8ft height

$14.99 each (min.  of 20)
$12.99 each (min. of 100)...

2gal Golden Willow – Salix alba ‘Vitellina’

6-8ft height

$14.99 each (min.  of 20)
$12.99 each (min. of 100)
Install $10 per tree


The Golden Willow has been cultivated for different uses since the Roman times.  This selection of Golden Willow is unique to Countryside and was found west of High River.    It is very drought tolerant and adaptable to a variety of soil conditions.  With a medium to fast growth rate when established, this willow provides spectacular year round color.  For the hobbyist, this particular willow has strong flexible rods that are excellent for basketry or furniture, and the branches are also great for bringing structure and height to planters. Grows to 40ft x 25ft.  Plant 16-18ft apart. Zone hardy for Calgary and area. 

Discovered in an open field in the Strathmore area, yet native to Siberia, this drought tolerant specimen is very adaptable to many different soil types, and is highly tolerant to urban pollution when established.  The Silver Willow has a fantastic silver color in summer months, with a weeping habit as it matures.  An excellent tree for a windbreak or in groupings.  This particular willow has been used for many different types of applications, including basketry, living structures, furniture and screen fencing. Zone hardy for Calgary and area. 


Fun Fact:  The bark from willows can be used in remedies, such as tea, for headaches and hangovers.

Fun Fact:   Willow is a source of salicin, which is broken down into salicylic acid – the main component of aspirin.

Did you know:

A great pussy willow bouquet will last for months (up to a year) in a vase – just don’t put them in water!

If you are interested in a bouquet of pussy willow in early February, contact the Garden Centre.  Bouquets are bunches of 10 stems in 2-3’ lengths or 4-6’ lengths.

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