Sweet Pea Everlasting Pea ‘Pearl Mixture’




Sweet Pea Everlasting Pea ‘Pearl Mixture’

Lathyrus latifolius ‘Pearl Mixture’

Zone: 3
Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Size: 1-8′ H x 2-3′ W
Flower Colour: Mix
Flowering Time: Early to Late Summer
Growth Rate: Medium

Description: A trailing perennial vine, this will climb on fences and trellises, or clamber over slopes. Everlasting sweet pea is a zone 3 hardy relative of the annual sweet pea that gardeners grow from seed each year for its bold colours and fragrance. This selection has lovely shades of rose, pink, and white flowers that are great for cutting; fresh or dried but lack the fragrance of the annual sweet pea.

Ornamental Features: Climbing Vine, Fresh or Dried Cut Flower, Containers,

Landscape Features: Slopes, Trellis & Screens, Border, Fences

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