Pine ‘Swiss Stone’


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Pine ‘Swiss Stone’

Pinus cembra

Zone: 3
Exposure: Full sun
Mature Size: 33′ high x 13′ wide
Tree Form:  Narrow, pyramidal, open with age
Foliage Color:  soft bluish-green, 5 needle bundles
Growth Rate: Slow to Moderate
Uses:  Accent or Specimen

Description:  A beautiful, compact, conifer with a narrow, pyramidal habit of growth that develops into a broad-rounded, open and flat-topped crown over time.

Ornamental Features: Needles are soft, bluish-green, and twisted, bundles of five, approx. 3″ long. Violet-brown cones are 3″ long and remain on the tree after maturing.  Bark is smooth and dark.

Landscape Attributes:  Dense, medium sized evergreen with a strong central leader. Slow growing when young, accelerating with age. Low maintenance, drought tolerant, and wildlife resistant.

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