Pine ‘Norfolk Island’

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Norfolk Pine are a cute plant that becomes available around the holiday season. Although they resemble the look of a Pine tree, they are not pine trees at all and they are not hardy as a pine tree would be. They are not cold hardy at all, they are a tropical plant and cannot be left in freezing temperatures. They can be somewhat tricky as a houseplant but with the right knowledge , definitely worth the effort! Think gardenia or orchid , Norfolk Pine would be similar in terms of care required.

Tips on care:

  1. Keep away from cold drafts.
  2. Maintain humidity (tray of water with rocks, humidifier or weekly misting)
  3. Several hours of light per day (bright, direct or indirect)
  4. Water when top of soil feels dry to touch, no fertilizer in the winter
  5. Browning tips – some on bottom branches is normal, higher browning can indicate over/under water or lack of humidity.


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