Maple ‘Countryside Amur’ (Shrub)


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Maple ‘Countryside Amur’ Shrub

Acer ginnala

Zone: 3
Exposure: Full Sun
Mature Size:   6′ high x 8′ wide
Shrub Form: Dwarf, compact
Growth Rate: Slow
Special Features: Dwarf, Disease Resistance, Immune to Scale
Fall Color: Yellow, orange, vivid red

Description:  Unique to Countryside, A slow growing true dwarf Amur Maple shrub with small compact leaves and outstanding fall colors ranging from orange to scarlet and burgundy red. An up and coming hedging shrub to take over cotoneasters!

Ornamental Features: Small attractive green lobed foliage throughout the summer turns a vivid scarlet in the fall.

Landscape Attributes: Deciduous shrub with a more or less rounded form. Low maintenance, disease resistant, and immune to scale.  An excellent choice for hedging!

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