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Left to nature, water can purify itself with the help of beneficial bacteria. Eco-Water Stone supports this natural course of events. This simple technology, which uses the natural mechanisms of water clarification, can positively impact water for home aquariums, ponds, and any water feature.

Microorganisms are captured within a porous stone made from a mixture of lava rock and cement. When submersed in water microorganisms in the Eco-Water Stone come to life and consume algae. This consumption restores balance to the water. Oxygen increases and the water is healthier for plants, fish and animals.


  • The Eco-Water Stone is a natural solution for clarifying water.
  • Does not contain chemicals.
  • Remove the Stone if adding chemicals.  Chemicals will kill the stone.
  • Lifespan is 3 years.
  • While in storage the microorganisms are dormant until placed in water again.
  • Cannot be submersed in mud.
  • Works best in moving water.
  • Eco-Water Stone will help keep algae from growing.
  • The Stone can be broken and used as smaller pieces.


  • The Eco-Water Stone must be stored out of direct contact with moisture.
  • It can be stored at any temperature, except extreme heat.
  • When fall comes leave the stone in the water.  Once spring arrives, the block will be even more effective than the previous year.  This is due to the buildup of beneficial microorganisms.

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