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Clematis ‘Piilu’


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Clematis ‘Piilu’ – Pronounced pie-LOO

The name “Piilu” is an Estonian word meaning “Little Duckling”. Some might say this beautiful cultivar deserves a better name. The 4-6″ (10-15cm) flowers are mauve-pink double or semi-double flowers with a purple red bar in May-June. and Single flowers in August and or September. Often touted as the most heavily blooming Clematis, you are sure to be impressed by ‘Piilu’s’ shower of blossoms from late spring through early fall.

This selection blooms first on old wood, producing 3-4” double, light pink blossoms with a prominent, wide, dark purplish red bar.  Flowers produced successively on new wood are of the same color but are single.

In our climate, this plant blooms continuously all season long.  In hot climates, it will likely take a break at the height of summer and then rebloom in fall.  Unlike many Clematis which produce the majority of their flowers at the top of the vine, ‘Piilu’ blooms from top to bottom, leaving no bare spots at the bottom.

‘Piilu’ is a compact grower that is showy even on a 3’ pot stake.

A member of:
Group 2—Early to midseason flowering cultivars and rebloomers
These varieties begin to bloom in early summer, with the first flush of flowers appearing on the previous year’s growth. This is followed by a second flush flowers appearing on the new growth. These flowers will likely be smaller than the first ones and flowers that were double the first time may be single the second time.

The time to prune this group is in late winter or early spring. Dead and weak shoots should be removed and the remaining shoots cut back to 6-9 inches above a couple of well-developed buds.