Aspens are members of the Populus genus in the Willow family, and are therefore closely related to poplar trees. Aspens are distinctive in that their rounded leaves and flat leaf stem will quiver at the slightest breeze, giving the appearance that the tree is trembling. Native to the northern hemisphere, aspens are very well suited to the cold Prairie winters. 

Aspens can become quite tall, depending on the variety, and will grow to 30 to 60 feet. The spread is highly variable as the Swedish columnar varieties will become only about 4 to 5 feet wide, whereas the upright oval trembling aspens can spread 10 to 20 feet. In summer, the deep green leaves are a nice contrast to the light, sometimes white, bark. In autumn, the leaves turn a brilliant yellow.

Aspens are quite versatile, and depending on the growth habit of the tree, can make excellent windbreaks, shade trees, and privacy screens. Columnar aspens are suitable as accent trees, and can be planted in smaller spaces, closer to buildings. Aspens are a very fast growing tree and can put on about four feet in height per season.


  • Aspen 'Swedish Columnar'

    Aspen ‘Swedish Columnar’

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  • Aspen 'Rocky Mountain White Trembling'

    Aspen ‘Rocky Mountain White Trembling’

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  • Aspen 'Rocky Mountain White Trembling' Multi-Stemmed

    Aspen ‘Rocky Mountain White Trembling’ Multi-Stemmed

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