Outdoor Pottery

Let us help you decorate your entryway and patio spaces with our assortment of planters and outdoor pottery. From rustic artisanal pots to modern, lightweight planters, we have a great selection of containers ready for your home or garden. Let our designers help you create a sensational plant statement!

Designing with Plants

We love variety! Tropical plants, fresh branches, mosses, succulents and shrubs are some of our favorite plants to add to annual flower arrangements. Did you know our custom container service is great for the new gardeners unsure of where to start. We offer design advice and help with plant selection for those who like to do the work themselves. Our workshops are another great way to get connected with friends, find out about new plant trends and learn tricks from some of our top designers.

Planter Installation

Another service we offer is our professional planter installation: delivery, design and maintenance. Contact our landscape design department today or email us for a quote info@csgcl.com

Planters and Outdoor Pottery

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