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Yes we will plant your trees! For how much you about free!

Free Tree Installation June 14-28th

Any caliper tree order of 5 trees or more will qualify for free machine installationTrees currently on sale qualify for this offer! Standard installation costs between $115 to $230 per tree. All trees installed by Countryside during this promotion automatically come with one year warranty coverage!


Q: If a tree I purchased using this promotion dies under warranty, will I also get the installation of the replacement tree free?

A: No, you will still have to pay for installation on the replacement tree, as the free installation only applies to the initial purchased batch.

Q: Will I be able to use my VIP discount and still qualify for free installation?

A: VIP customers still qualify for 20% off the price of the trees when using this offer.

Q: Do potted trees and shrubs qualify for this offer?

A: No, only 40mm or larger Caliper Trees qualify for this promotion!

Q: Do the 5 trees have to be the same type?

A: Nope! You can mix and match any combination of trees, as long as they meet the minimum size and quantity requirements for this promotion.

Q: If I do not want the installation will I receive a further discount on my trees

A: No, if you do not require installation we can still deliver for you at no additional charge, but there will not be a further discount applied to your trees.

Q: Does this offer include hand installation?

No, the promotion is for machine installation only. Please note the requirements for machine installation below.

In order to qualify for machine installation, we require 7-8 ft of unobstructed access to be able to drive our bobcat directly to where the tree will be planted. We are unable to drive the bobcat over any obstructions such as stairs, concrete curbing, patios, walls, etc. Any interferences such as protruding gas meters, window wells, etc. will also obstruct our access. Please inform us of any slopes or other concerns.

All utility lines must be marked prior to tree planting. If you think lines may conflict with planting area, please have them located prior to purchase. A conflict of lines with location desired for tree will result in a store credit for tree purchase. We do not issue refunds for tree purchases.

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