Evergreen Trees and Shrubs!

In fall, when the air turns cool and the leaves have all dropped from the deciduous trees, it is time for coniferous trees to shine! Coniferous, or evergreen trees, have year-round foliage that remains green throughout the fall and winter. Indeed, evergreen trees are widely considered ‘winter trees’ and their boughs often adorn holiday decorations and their scents conjure images of cozy winter nights around a blazing fire.

Evergreens are hardy and able to endure both cold weather and dry seasons, and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and leaf types. Why not pick up one of our potted evergreens and  create a living holiday tree? Whether you prefer the delicate, lacy foliage of cedars, or the sharp, heavily-scented needles of spruce, a halo of fairy lights and a decorative pot creates a beautiful and inviting front porch or walkway. In spring, simply plant your tree and enjoy it for years to come! Evergreens are versatile, and are an excellent choice for privacy screens and shelterbelts or as a beautiful standalone accent tree.

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