Mulch, top soil, washrock bulk products

Bulk Products

Countryside Landscaping and Garden Centre is please to offer a variety of premium bulk products conveniently available by pick up or delivery. Our bulk selection includes fir mulch, screened loam, garden mix, compost, washed sand, washed rock, road crush and road crushed rock.

All bulk products are sold by half cubic yard and can be delivered at an additional charge.

For more information or to purchase your bulk products please email [email protected] or visit us at the Garden Centre.

Fir Mulch Bulk Products

Fir Mulch

$30 / half cubic yard

Screened Loam (top soil)

$15 / half cubic yard

Garden Mix Bulk Products

Garden Mix (loam, compost, peat moss)

$35 / half cubic yard

Compost (loam, black moss, blond moss)

$45 / half cubic yard

Washed Sand

Washed Sand (5mm)

$40 / half cubic yard

Washed Rock bulk products

Washed Rock (28mm)

$40 / half cubic yard

Road Crush (20mm)

$35 / half cubic yard

Rundle Crush Rock Bulk Products

Rundle Crush Rock (10mm)

$35 / half cubic yard

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